baier gorcea avocati sibiu
  • Business law and litigation – Our business law and litigation services include corporate and commercial, transactions, general counsel and dispute resolution for small and medium-size businesses, as well as for Fortune Global 500 companies. We have proudly advised and supported new investments and settlements of companies (greenfield or brownfield) and the further development of these into mature and successful businesses. When required, our lawyers are trained to work on daily basis with the client’s in-house counsels or legal departments . Our lawyers have also extensive experience litigating a variety of complex commercial cases for both plaintiffs and defendants in all court levels including Romania’s High Court of Justice.
  • Construction law and litigation – A main focus of our practice is construction law and connected issues such as public procurement rules applicable in case of public funded projects. Our experience include advice and representation of some of Europe’s large construction companies which conduct businesses in Romania as well as advice and representation of Employers involved in complex high value construction projects (i.e. airport, road and railway infrastructure); we have conducted for our clients contract drafting, project advice and representation in case of disputes ( DAB under FIDIC, mediation, arbitration and litigation). As a result of the increasing internationalization of the economy and law, when legal advice and representation beyond national law is required, as may be the case in contracts awarded by tenders on international base or under international standard contract conditions (FIDIC), we cooperate with a team of highly qualified colleagues from abroad.
  • Insolvency law – We provide experienced advice and representation of individuals or businesses in all issues under the Romanian insolvency law and also in transnational insolvency cases under EU Regulation : filing of insolvency either by the debtor or the creditor; representation in court proceedings for all issues related to the insolvency procedure e.t.c. In a corporate crisis we advise companies related to the risks of filing/not filing of insolvency and to the course of actions which may be taken under applicable law.
  • Tax and regulatory litigation – We have long experience with advice and representation of private undertakings in their contact with public authorities, in connection with the regulation of business and industry under public law. We have conducted many actions in court against abusive or illegal decisions issued by tax and administrative authorities against individuals and businesses.
  • Insurance law – Our experience include representation of one of Romanian’s largest insurance company for which our lawyers have been involved in a great many litigation’s. In addition, our lawyers handle a great number of litigation cases involving insurance coverage disputes for other business and individuals.
  • Criminal law – Our criminal law practice focuses on white collar and tax crimes as well as corruption investigations and provide experienced counsel and representation in the area of individual defense and representation of corporations in criminal law cases. Our lawyers have been regularly retained for advice and defense of decision-makers of public and private sector and for representation in complex proceedings with a multitude of defendants. Another focus is insolvency criminal law where we provided defense for individuals or companies against accusations of abuse or fraud in connection with insolvency procedures.
  • Employment law – We advise our clients on collective wage agreements, termination of works contracts and other labor law issues, develop employee regulation, litigate employment disputes, draft contracts and documents, and facilitate compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Civil law – Our civil law practice include advice and representation of individuals and businesses in private law issues under the provisions of New Civil Code or various laws in such matters as property rights, expropriations, contracts, contractual and legal liability. We have handled many cases during the practice for both plaintiffs and defendants in all court levels including Romania’s High Court of Justice.